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"We are honored to have Gabrielle on June 11th Health Inn show where 11,000 viewers tuned in."

Kavitha Kukunoor, President & COO of HWC 


Australia tour

Adelaide, Australia

Well presented, organised, professional, inspiring, great notes.
Gabrielle's presentation on Miasms was amasing. Even the old die-hards were impressed! I stayed awake and sat on the edge of my chair (quite a feat) throughout the whole session. The next day she taught Gynaecological problems. This she did in an inspiring informative way and incorporated the miasms as well. We'd love to have her back again.

Traudi Lepse
Reproduced with permission from the Australian Homeopathatic Association Newsletter Volume #113


Sydney, Australia

The two day seminar presented by Gabrielle Traub in Sydney was a real success. Attendence was strong on both days and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This proved to be a very successful event, both financially and professionally.

Kerry Schweigert, NSW President
Reproduced with permission from the Australian Homeopathatic Association Newsletter Volume #113


Perth, Australia

What impressed me the most about Gabrielle Traub were her clinics. She works in an OB-GYN clinic and with an addictions group as well as having her own clinic. She is not only very busy, she also works with, and is accepted by her medical colleagues. She works alongside them and has an equal voice. She engages with any she meets in a friendly, non-confrontational manner. On the approval of a patient, she will fax a quick note to a specialist or GP, introducing herself and the reason she prescribed a particular medicine. For too long, we lay homeopaths have hidden ourselves away, seemingly embarrassed at what we do. In this great year of change, it's time to 'come out' of our closet. We have an unrivalled method of health care. We are able to treat physical, mental and emotional ailments, while working in harmony with the person't genetic inheritance. What other discipline of health care has all that? We have the potential to change the world.

Madeleine Innocent
Reproduced with permission from the Australian Homeopathatic Association Newsletter Volume #113


“Your radio show is great. I wish it becomes a success.”

George Vithoulkas
World renowned homeopath and author


“I know Gabrielle Traub as a sincere and enthusiastic homeopath and with the right background and attitude.”
Rajan Sankaran
World renowned homeopath and author


“I just want to thank you for all your hard work you are doing for Homoeopathy. You are an inspiration to the rest of us.”

Dr. Jonathan D. Rostovsky, homeopath
South Africa


“Gabrielle, I saw your presentation at Dubai. I will be with you throughout my life. You will have my support in any event you do in your life. You are a wonderful human being. Keep your spirit live.”

Dr. Jawahar Shah, M.D.
India. Developer of Hompath software.


“I would, once again, like to thank Gabrielle for tremendous involvement and dedication. Without you WHAW would not exist. It has been a great pleasure working with you. You have continuously contributed to inspire us all. Your positive energy has spread, not just to the WHAO board, but throughout the world. You have done so much volunteer work over several years and given up so much of your time and energy. I only hope that WHAW will continue in some way that will honor all your efforts and continue to contribute to what I have seen as your main intention, to spread the good word of homeopathy to the world.”

Petter Viksveen,
Chair of the European Council for Classical Homeopathy (ECCH)


“I just wanted to say well done. Refreshing to read such clear and inspiring word.”

Declan Hammond, homeopath


“Thank you again and again for all the wonderful and amazing work you are doing for Homeopathy. We need more like you indeed. I have read through a lot of the information on VitalForceRadio.com and I very impressed indeed.  Wow what a lot of work it’s brilliant.
I was wondering if it’s ok for me to forward on this valuable information to my database.
I have probably one of the largest database of Homeopaths and Students (not that I have all of them by far).  This would be wonderful information to share and would really show Homeopathy in Ireland the amount of care and work that is being done on their behalf by yourself and others.”
Jean Blake
Irish Society of Homeopaths

“Gabrielle, no need to reply -- just wanted to say Congrats for an excellent response on the Guardian "have your say" site today. Thanks for all you have done to advance international co-operation in the homeopathic community. You are proof that one person can indeed make a significant difference.”
Jo Twiss
Canadian Society of Homeopaths


United States

National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) joint annual conference

Denver, Colorado

“Gabrielle, I want to give you a HIGH POTENCY THANX for your presentation at the Joint Homeopathic Conference in Denver. You provided a real contribution to the conference, and the attendees appreciated it.  The feedback was really great. I also want to thank you for your work with the WORLD HOMEOPATHY AWARENESS WEEK.  I was pleased to help give you a platform to tell people about this important work.”

Dana Ullman
Homeopath, Author and Conference chair


Gabrielle Traub is an extremely knowledgeable and inspiring teacher of homeopathy. I have seen her teach in a live setting and was impressed with her grasp of homeopathy as well as her ability communicate complex topics in a manner which is easily intelligible to students. Gabrielle’s 2 hour Webinar training on Homeopathy for Drug-induced Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder was the most highly reviewed of all the Webinars that were offered as part of our Modern Practice series. This is saying a lot as the other presenters are amongst the most highly regarded instructors in our profession. Gabrielle brings a sense of joy to her classes which translates to enthusiasm in her student. I recommend her unreservedly.

Kim Elia
CEO Whole Health Now
Mac Repertory and Reference Works

"Gabrielle, Your presentation in Denver was remarkable. Thank you. Our DC study group met last night and I gave them a copy of your cases. Continue your outstanding work.”

Ioana Razi, MD
Pediatrician, Washington DC


“Gabrielle, I am always impressed by your wisdom, level headedness, enthusiasm, and charm.”

Bernardo A Merizalde, MD
Psychiatrist, Homeopath
Board member of LIGA USA and the American Institute of Homeopathy


“A great presentation!  We appreciate your intents and feel your future of Awareness is surely to be followed by many in years to come!!! Again thank you for foresight, ideas, and may light shine ever so bright in all of our lives and the future of our children's future...”

Tamara Cope-Musleh ND,MH
Board Certified Naturopath


“Gabrielle, God bless you for all your hard work!”

Peter Gold, Media rep for the National Center for Homeopathy


Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Panel of doctors

“It was one of the best, if not the best panels we have had! Thank you for your continued dedication to changing the face of health care in our community and nation - it truly takes a "village" to create, and hold, the space for this change to happen.”

“Gabrielle has always been highly prepared, professional, and current with her teaching style and information. I continue to be impressed with her ability to relate good science to challenging topics and bring other topics of interest to the public through her Vital Force Radio show. It is challenging to find faculty, and speakers, that have charisma, passion, and expertise that engage a class and participants the way Gabrielle does!”

Dr. Stacy Gomes, Ed.D., M.A.Ed
Academic Dean at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your expertise and your time.  The event was a big success and the community extends their thanks.  I have already received several emails with people thanking me.  You all did a stellar job providing the facts and evidence for the controversial topic of vaccinations.  I was truly impressed.  It was one of the best panels we have ever had!”

“Gabrielle, you were brilliant last night, and added so much great evidence and information. Thank you for all you do.”

Deb Davies
Director of Alumni Services & Community Education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine


“Gabrielle Traub has served on several panels at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for the Integrative Medical Discussion Group.  I have chosen her repeatedly because of her expertise and dedication to evidence with whatever topic she is presenting on.  We love for her to share her brilliant information with our groups.  She is a dynamic speaker and captivates our audience attention every time.”

Deb Davies, L.Ac
Director of alumni services and community education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.


American Medical College of Homeopathy

Thank you for your participation in the Modern Practice: Today's Clinical Challenges webinar series. Your teaching was very well recieved and appreciated, The proceeds from the webinar benefit our college and have helped sustain us in the last year.

Todd Rowe, MD
President AMCH


"The case and remedy differentials Gabrielle presented on Dyspareunia were excellent ~I'm looking forward to taking her course on Women's Health myself!"

— Kim Elia



Wow, what a beautiful presentation. Your presence, your beauty, your full spectrum of knowledge so shined thru!  A lovely presentation. How balanced and brilliant your depth of knowledge is. The stories of your experiences touched me because i could see the power of a tiny pill. Your worldwide experience and expertise, encourages confidence in the value of homeopathy and the effectiveness of it. The presentation was very approachable even though a lot was technical. You made the technical available in an email so we didn't have to absorb it at the moment.

Thank you
Love Abby


“Your lectures so informative and enlightening!!!”

Mary Kamatoy, liscenced acupuncturist


Alliant University School of Professional Psychology

"I still can't forget what a pull you were at the colloquium for the Center for Integrative Psychology a few years ago... a pleasure to have had the cross-pollinating experience!"

Dr. Jessica Evers Killebrew, clinical psychologist

“It was so great hearing your seminar at Alliant University. You have such a warm and loving demeanor and it comes across beautifully to others.”

Tami Chelew, clinical psychologist


Homeopathic Academy of Southern California

“Gabrielle has been on our faculty for over 10 years. Her dynamic teaching style is creative and inspiring. A student favorite, Gabrielle is always prepared and innovative with the ability to implement a variety of interactive teaching styles. Aside from teaching a variety of topics regarding Casetaking, Repertory and Materia Medica. She also teaches Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and has facilitated one of our teaching clinics.”

Deborah Casey
Director of the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience and wonderful energy with us.
It has been such a privilege to learn from you. Your passion for human wonder is truly contagious. I love to learn much more from you and please let me know if any volunteer work you need. (I'd love to). Thanks again for your great patience and everything! You are truly dynamite!”

Rin Colabucci, homeopath

“Gabrielle, I want to thank you for such a wonderful class this weekend.  It was so enjoyable and I learned so much. You were a great teacher and I can't wait to see you again in June.  This has been my most enjoyable weekends this year!”
Heather Elysium, student

“I watched you on the news this morning and wanted to share with you how amazing you were and how well you represented homeopathy. Good job! Your energy, clarity, passion is very prominent as is your level of knowledge that came across the screen and professionalism. I am so glad to have you bringing the message to the level that you are. I can feel the masses being reached as I write this.”

Kristina Star, homeopath

“Thank you for being you, class was amazing this weekend. YOU’RE amazing.”

Tammara Guterman, homeopath


Los Angeles School of Homeopathy

“Thanks to Gabrielle’s wonderful energy, kindness and attentiveness over the last six years, the school has become one of the premier homeopathic schools on the west coast. The school cannot put a value on the time she spends in preparation, groundwork and research for her wonderful curriculum she presents each weekend or on her patience, insight and cheerful demeanor as teacher. The students love how she relates to the remedies. Hearing her cases helps to make the remedies come alive”.
Avghi Constantinides D.Hom HMC MA
Director & Co-Founder
Los Angeles School of Homeopathy

“Thank you again for teaching this past weekend, the evaluations were glowing.”

Avghi Constantinides
Director of the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy

“It was great having you as a teacher. I can speak for everyone in the class in that we LOVE your teaching technique and would LOVE to have you back.”

Hasina Jahan Hai, student


UCSD Moores Cancer Center

“Hi Gabrielle, A million thanks for your presentation…you got great reviews from all the ladies as you saw for yourself.”

Mercedes Garcia-Mohr

Vital Force Radio

“I listened to one of your shows on Vital Force Radio. I must say I just loved it. It was a very inspiring and stimulating interview. You are doing a wonderful job with this radio station. Good luck with your upcoming interview with the Queen's homeopath doctor.”

Sanjini Jayamaran


“Gabrielle is charming, inspiring & a great teacher. Her lectures are very informative and enlightening. I loved her lecture at JAHC 2018 in Phoenix. I appreciate & acknowledge her efforts & passion for homeopathy.We are honored to have her on June 11th Health Inn show where 11,000 viewers tuned in.”

Kavitha Kukunoor, Homeopath, President & COO of HWC    


 “Gabrielle, I heard your radio program. It was very good! I want to acknowledge you for all your efforts for homeopathy.”

David Riley
Homeopath and Author


“Thank you for an exciting and informative lecture. Please let me know if you’re available to interview you for our journal.”

Chris Scott, Ph.D.
Biomedial Scientist Scripps Research Institute and Editor for Next2Eden


“Thank you for your informative seminar. I am so appreciative of your pertinent information, just when I needed it.”

Ruth Kooi


“Gabrielle , you have given so much to the world of Homeopathy with your wonderful ideas and spirit. Thank you for being you.”

Cindy Chrisman, homeopath


“I enjoy your style of presentation and am delighted with your knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Lynn Muhlestein, homeopath


“Gabrielle, I have to thank you for being who you are.  You challenge me and make me think when I need it.  Thank you for your support as my instructor.”  

Rhonda Majalca, homeopath


“THANK YOU for all you have done to help me become a Homeopath. I know I couldn't have done it without your guidance. Thank you for you enthusiasm for teaching, living, and spreading the word on Homeopathy.”

Pam Fettu, homeopath


“I attended your lecture. Great information”



“I feel you have done a wonderful job in this area.”
Dr. Solara Attatharya, DOM, AP, DNBHE


“Thanks for all your great teaching”
Leslie Heiberg-Ary


"Fantastic interview with Dr. Peter Fisher this morning. I emailed the link to everyone on my database and I hope they all listen to it as it is very informative and interesting. I really like the way you opened the interview and kept the emphasis on what he was involved in and you took your time before you got to questions on Homeopathy and his involvement with such. Very Professional indeed I was very impressed."

Jean Blake
Irish Society of Homeopaths

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