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"We are honored to have Gabrielle on June 11th Health Inn show where 11,000 viewers tuned in."

Kavitha Kukunoor, President & COO of HWC
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6 Months ago my friend just quit smoking after 15 years of trying almost everything: Hypnosis, herbs, acupuncture, cold turkey, the patch and  EFT. Homeopathy  worked better than anything she had ever used  and this was the easiest time she ever had with quitting cold turkey and now she is smoke free. Another friend of mine was an alcoholic and was able to detox from alcohol and quit cold turkey  using homeopathy.  –Deanna Reed

Adenoids enlarged

My daughter at the age of 3 years was having the issue of enlarged adenoids. Because of this, she used to get cough, cold and fever very often. Visit to urgent care became a very common thing. She was not getting good sleep because of the nasal congestion and that used to make her cranky all day. Allopathic doctors suggested to undergo surgery to get the adenoids removed. We were confused and anxious.
After consulting Samantha, things started to change. Her medicines made a lot of improvements on my child’s overall health. The frequency of her cough and cold occurrences reduced a lot. Her sleep improved. Her immunity also developed well. I have no words to express my gratitude for the treatment that Samantha gave to my daughter. Thanks a lot!- Neethu, San Diego

Anxiety, Panic attacks

I was taking prescription medicine, Paxil & Celexa. But I stopped taking it as it was giving me side effects: it make me need to sleep 12-13 hours a day and gave me night sweats and insomnia. Gabrielle Traub treated me for anxiety with Homeopathy and I was doing well. A year later, I experienced a traumatic event happen that caused me to start having panic attacks. As I was too scared to drive my friend drove me to Gabrielle, I walked in the office crying and experiencing Panic attack. Gabrielle took me to her office and within a few minutes, decided which remedy was best to give me and she had me put the remedy under my tongue and within 45 seconds my panic attack was gone. My friend said, “What, I don’t understand, its like a miracle!” I was so grateful to be panic attack free, I wanted to hug Gabrielle and thank her, I don’t recall ever being so grateful in all my life ! I have been panic attack free now for over 2 years. I have my life back. –Deanna Reed

I had heard amazing stories about homeopathic treatment. I made an appointment with Gabrielle to give it a try. I had stage fright, performance anxiety, stress caused by an event anticipation and a number of emotional swings like depression/enthusiasm and doubt/determination, among others. After the first 30 minutes of the interview, I was handed a sheet of paper with a detailed description of my behavior and why those feelings were present. I was in awe to see and to recognize the issues that haunted me for years being displayed within a page and that there was actually a medication for that particular behavior.  The morning after I took the first dose I felt dizzy and with the need to stay longer in bed. When I told Gabrielle about it she reassured me that this was normal and there was nothing to worry about. That I should let my body rest and allow the changes to occur. Change started happening right away and it's been over 2 years now and I feel completely cured. Thank you Gabrielle for your care, you expertise and for your service. I keep recommending you.



I first consulted Samantha at San Diego Homeopathy regarding my knee pain. I had been diagnosed with arthritis and needed a solution that would let me continue to dance without pain. At our first meeting, Samantha was very easy to talk with and a good listener. She not only helped me with my arthritis but now I consult her for all of my health needs. I compete in different dance events around the country and she has created a custom remedy travel kit for me that keeps me healthy on the plane and in the hotel environment.  Thank you again Samantha, keep up the great work. You are incredible.

Carol P, San Diego


I was diagnosed by my doctor with exercise-induced asthma. I also had very sensitive skin- just grazing my fingernail across my arm or back brought out welts and itching.  Exposure to irritants made it worse.  Gabrielle gave me a homeopathic remedy that strengthened my immune system and banished those maladies.  The remedy she gave me also took away seemingly unrelated things, like the mole tags on my neck; and the ocassional mild hot flashes of menopause.  But there was more healing over time of the other “inside.”  In Freudian shorthand, my id, ego and super-ego also responded to Gabrielle’s compassionate approach and keen observations about the whole of me.  And I am grateful.

Healing through homeopathy is a given, and a gift.  It is complicated magic, but it can simply work for the patient, regardless of age.

San Diego, California


Gabrielle's interview on Autism spectrum and Children with special needs Vital Force Radio  

Gabrielle's interview on Autism one radio Vital Force Radio

Bipolar disorder

I began treatment with Gabrielle Traub in July of 2003.  My medical history consisted of a chemical imbalance called Bipolar disorder.  With Gabrielle's expertise in homeopathic medicine and her experience with this condition, I was given a remedy that changed my life.  I felt better immediately.  I never was one who slept well or regularly.  Now I sleep soundly and I feel better than I've ever felt in my life.  My moods are much better since I sought homeopathic treatment.  I was cleared of my prior diagnosis and now do not take any medication at all.  I am so grateful for Gabrielle’s thoroughness and attention to details of my medical profile.  She is kind, supportive and her treatment has made me healthier than I've ever been. I have referred friends and family to Gabrielle and they have had wonderful experiences as well.

San Diego

Bipolar disorder

I was diagnosed bipolar two years ago. I started to take lithium, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. The problem with those drugs are that I felt "flat", I mean, without emotions. I gained weight too and had acne problems. My husband was afraid of side effects of lithium (including kidney damage) so he started to look for natural options. We found Gabrielle Traub and started to have consultation with her in April 2003 and who helped us to wean off drugs using only homeopathic medicine. After three or four months on homeopathic treatment I'm really fine, I'm enjoying life again with my husband and my children. I'm really thankful to her.  Actually I'm now not taking any medicine. 

Mar from México

Brain fog, adrenal fatigue, weight gain

Dear Gabrielle

Words cannot describe how appreciative I am of your wisdom, care, and patience with me during such a hard time. I am so grateful I found someone like you. You are a life saver and no one compares! Thank you so much, I have never felt better!
Many warm wishes

San Diego

Children with Special Needs

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Gabrielle Traub has taken me from being practically bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome for over 10 years and terrified that I would be rendered permanently disabled by it and unable to support myself. 18 Months later I am able to work full time on a daily basis in a high powered, demanding job. Her patience and compassion during my recovery were at times the only simmers of hope and optimism that I would even get well and recover my health. I owe her a debt of gratitude that extends vastly beyond money. She saved my life.

San Diego

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

My son was born 11 years ago with very severe Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  He spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital.  He came home on oxygen and a whole list of medications.  He has constantly been advancing.  Four years ago when I encountered homeopathy and felt its healing power, I took him to see a homeopath as well. That year he had walking pneumonia.  He had a course of antibiotics, but his blood oxygen level would not improve.  The doctor gave him 5 days of steroids.  He improved.  Two days after the steroid was finished, his oxygen levels dropped again.  I really did not want him to get a long term of steroids.  So I took him to Gabrielle Traub. Within seconds of receiving his remedy, his oxygen level went up and stayed up.

Since then we have been able to shift further into a "normal" life for him.  For four years he has not needed any inhalers.  For the last two years, seeing how strong he has become, we did not do any flu shots.  He has hardly been sick, when he gets sick it's a little scratchy throat , it never goes all the way to his lungs anymore.  He just breezes through the cold.  This year with such a severe flu year he got a little scratchy throat couple of times, stayed home for 1 or 2 days and was back in school, no bronchitis, no infections, no antibiotics for three years. Now he is making strides in his cognitive area as well. For 10 years he was fed by a gastrostomy tube.  Last year I stopped feeding him via the G-tube and now 1 year later, he eats like any kid, just a bit slower. I have been so amazed at the power of homeopathy that I have begun studying it.  I believe that if I had been treated with homeopathy, some of the disease predispositions in me would have been healed and he would not have had his issues at birth.

-Kristy, San Diego

Cold, Gastrointestinal, Headaches

My husband and I had never heard of Homeopathy until we had our son a little over 7 months ago.  We were given some information from a Chiropractor about how bad vaccinations were which caused us to be very concerned. We started asking a lot of questions and researching healthier alternatives.  That’s how we came across Homeopathy. We found a wonderful Homeopath, Gabrielle Traub, and have not looked back.  Our son has picked up back to back colds from being in a daycare and the Homeopathic remedies are the only things that have helped.  At one point he was coughing so bad that we were up every 1 to 2 hours during the night trying to console him.  We tried several different remedies over the course of about a month and finally found the right one.  He only coughs now a couple of times during the night and it’s only when he wakes up and the congestion bothers him.  My husband and I were exhausted from so many sleepless nights that it felt like it would never end.  The remedy was amazing.  We still give it to him when it seems like his cough is coming back.  Homeopathic remedies have also helped our son with gastrointestinal problems like gas and diarrhea on a regular basis, as well as teething.  There is so much to learn about this science and we are just beginners, but already we love it.  We both take Homeopathic remedies now for our own ailments instead of turning to over the counter medicine.  Homeopathy has helped us tremendously.

-Tanya Sutton
Human Resources Specialist

Diaper rash

The help that I received from Gabrielle Traub was very powerful because within 24 hours we were seeing conditions clear up, for example my daughter's diaper rash that was like a wild fire out of control and suddenly it was gone. It was good to know that with just a couple pills under the tongue we could cure diaper rash and as new parents with a one month old that had just suffered though the bloody diarrhea of a milk allergy, we suddenly felt that we had gotten back control. The peace of mind with the little vials was HUGE.


My son was very sick with diarrhea, probably caused by a parasite. Three 'traditional' doctors, including an immunologist, said it was viral and to let it run its course. My baby was so sick - white as paper and very lethargic. On the 6th day, I found Gabrielle Traub, who spent over 2 hours with us. She recommended a remedy that I gave my son that afternoon, and by that evening he was literally 50% better. Within 48 hours he was 100% better. We now use homeopathy regularly as a family, for colds, allergies and digestive issues. Most recently, my daughter was diagnosed with an ear infection and possible pneumonia. She was given homeopathic remedies and was 100% well by the next day, with no further treatment needed.


Epilepsy; Mouth ulcers

Thank you, Gabrielle, for your help and prescriptions which have ALL benefited many of my problems. You’ve made me much healthier allowing me to live a better life.

You are fantastic.

San Diego


"During my third trimester of pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  Gabrielle Traub gave me a homeopathic remedy to reduce my blood sugar. The doctor who heads Scripps La Jolla Gestational Diabetes Department was "in disbelief" but impressed that a homeopathic medicine could lower blood sugar.  Thus, delivered a healthy weighted 7 pound baby."
-Tami, San Diego

Down Syndrome

Our little baby has Down syndrome. At 8 months we discovered that she was having infantile spasms. When the doctors told us what drugs she needed to be on, I knew in my heart that I could always go, OK that’s fine, you can put her on those, because as soon as we get out of the hospital, I’m going over to Gabrielle Traub to find out if there is something I can give her to counter any side effects of Prednisone, or Zantax, or   the anti-convulsives that they had her on, and that is BOMB! That is so soothing to my mind that there is something that can prevent or heal the damage from allopathic medicine. We started giving her her homeopathic constitutional remedy 4 weeks into the steroids and anti-convulsants and it was like hope in a bottle. With every daily dosing, I saw  the milestones that she had lost coming back. I saw her grabbing her little toys, she was rolling over again, after one week she was rolling to the right (and she had previously only rolled to the left), she started to smile, and this was at 7 ½ months and that was HUGE, just huge, as horror stories that I had read on the web is that a lot of these little babies don’t start to regain their developmental milestones for months and months and we had never experience our baby smiling and that is now behind us and we have gotten our baby back. We were so happy.  It was really hard not to brag about it in front of other parents who were having the same problems when she was getting ahead, so we were quietly turning them onto homeopathy. 

-Annie Peterson, San Diego


I initially sought out Samantha from San Diego Homeopathy after I learned that I had two uterine fibroids, one of which was quite large and starting to cause some discomfort. Samantha is extremely thorough--before my first appointment, she had me fill out a detailed questionnaire, then followed up with additional questions during our in-person consult. Afterwards, she had an exhaustive picture of my unique constellation of symptoms, both physical and emotional, as well as my diet and lifestyle. Based on the data she collected, she recommended a remedy that was the best fit for my symptoms, then stayed in contact via email to monitor how I was responding to the remedy. We made adjustments as needed, and we've continued to meet every few weeks to assess my progress.

The remedies (combined with systemic enzymes) have been quite effective at shrinking the fibroids--my latest ultrasound showed that the smaller fibroid was gone, and the larger one had shrunk by two centimeters. But because homeopathy doesn't simply address an isolated set of symptoms but treats the person as a whole, I've experienced improvements to my overall well being that I hadn't expected, such as increased energy and decreased anxiety in social situations. And as other minor health issues have cropped up, Samantha has recommended remedies that have helped with those, as well.

Homeopathy's comprehensive holistic approach requires that you share a lot of sensitive personal information with your practitioner, which can be uncomfortable; but Samantha has a warm, sympathetic manner that put me completely at ease. If you're looking for a knowledgeable, conscientious homeopath who genuinely cares about her patients, you can't go wrong with Samantha and San Diego Homeopathy.

-Akiko T


Dear Gabrielle,

The remedy you gave me produced a “cure” which was nearly instantaneous!  Please feel free to use the following in any way you’d like.  What you were able to do for me needs to be shared with anyone who may benefit from it.

I had been suffering with unresolved grief; layers and layers of it over the years.  I suffered from the typical depressive symptoms:  disturbed sleep, anxiety, cloudy headedness, frayed emotions and a general sense of just not “being myself”.  The symptoms caused an effect of emotional spiraling downward because it felt that I was no longer a capable, vital, dynamic woman who was in control of her life.

Traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions have never been the direction that I have wanted to go, in any area of my health care, but I was getting desperate.  I was ready to succumb to taking chemicals into my body to try to regain control of, and my love of, life.  Luckily I came to see you.  In just that 1 hour session you prescribed a remedy which, in the matter of just 48 hours or so, turned my emotions around and the depression lifted!  It was as if a dark blanket of despair had lifted off me, restoring me to “being myself” again.  The old happy, optimistic ME has returned!  On a rare occasion I have had a slight reoccurrence of despair, but another tiny dose of the remedy has corrected every instance.  Truly amazing!

Immediately I began to share the seemingly unbelievable results with all my dear friends.  It was clear that these friends were somewhat suspect, that 5 little granules are capable of making such a life changing shift, but they have!  I wouldn’t have believed it myself, if it hadn’t actually happen to me. 

Thank you, for sharing your talents and wisdom with the community.  You have made an enormous difference in my life, and I’m certain the lives of many others as well.

God bless you!
Very sincerely,

-Elizabeth Dial 

Heart health

Hi Gabrielle,
Yesterday we had a follow up appointment with the cardiologist for Ryan’s 3 leaking heart valves. He did another ultrasound (echocardiogram) and he said that only 1 valve is leaking!! That one valve is the aortic valve and he said it is leaking very, very slightly, less than a mild leak! He said most likely he will not need a valve replacement ever and if so it won’t be until he is older like 70 or so. Whereas last year we were told he had 3 leaking valves and would definitely need a valve replacement within the next 10 years. We are so extremely thrilled about this great news! Those homeopathic nosodes had to have been the answer. Thank you for helping our son!

Mimi and Tom Garvin


Homeopathy is truly a miracle. I have used homeopathy for food poisoning (from a Mexico trip). I have given homeopathy to my friends for headache, sinus and allergies. All the people I know who have also chosen to use homeopathy seem to be different people (for the better) Calmer, nicer, happier, and healthier.

–Deanna Reed


I had been trying to get pregnant and the years were clicking by and I was getting older and older. I had some undiagnosed issues, hypothyroidism and PCOS. I had tried so many different types of treatments and been to so many different doctors. It was like we were trying to unravel a mystery and Gabrielle was the detective. It was only after my daughter’s birth that it struck me that Gabrielle had given me a homeopathic remedy for infertility. Just one dose of the remedy and one cycle later I was pregnant. So that was the probably the crowning moment for me personally on my health journey.

-Annie Peterson, San Diego
Listen to Annie share her story Vital Force Radio
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Great news!!! A few weeks ago Annie gave birth to her 2nd child, a gorgeous, healthy baby boy.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

My friend was so impressed with my success, she used homeopathy treatment for IBS that she had for years, she could not go anywhere without fear that she would be in a place she could not get to a bathroom fast. The homeopathic treatment worked immediately for her on her first dose. She too feels she has her life back!


My positive experiences using Homeopathy have really come from my being able to have the very talented Gabrielle Traub as my homeopath! She has made the homeopathic experience the fine experience that it has been. Her very talented, intelligent, caring, loving, and thoughtful execution of the needed prescriptions to help with my menopausal symptoms have been extraordinary! She has looked at me in the usual homeopathic manner but used her own very unique and special way of listening and utilizing all of her vast resources to help me, such as finding out both the mental aspects of my particular needs as well as finding out the intricate medicinal path she needed to go to get me back on track and comfortable. I absolutely loved her fantastic expertise at giving me wonderful life overviews and philosophies that helped back the very safe homeopathic remedies that worked in conjunction with each other! The wonderful life overviews and philosophies were just life altering!!! I can only thank her with my whole heart for all these life lessons and healthier viewpoints that she helped me to implement just by carefully listening to her after she so intently listened to me! Thank you Gabrielle! My experience has been an absolutely wonderful one!!!!!!!!             
-Lisa Hoyt


If you are suffering from hot flashes cause by menopause, you should read this. While I was struggling with middle - age menopause, I found out about the dangers of hormone replacement therapy.I was feeling desperate, my life was falling apart I remember three nights I couldn't close my eyes.  By the recommendation of my good friend I got the most cheapest and the most effective medicine ever I used. O my God in Just few days using the homeopathy remedy that Gabrielle recommended it changed my feeling and my life, I was free from many symptoms of menopause especially hot flashes, were gone not gradually but instantly.  I would never believe it if it did not happen to me. I recommended to all the woman, before you suffer more try this, you will be thankful.
-Naz, 55 years old.

Samantha is very passionate about being a homeopath and it comes through when she works with a client. She has helped me with my hot flashes, a UTI, and shingles among a few other ailments that have surfaced.

I appreciate Sam’s gentle and calm energy. Sam has become an irreplaceable support system in my overall wellness. I had no idea when I began working with her I would receive so much support emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Homeopathy is an incredible encompassing wellness system. I hope you give your mind and body a huge gift and choose working with Sam to heal whatever ails you. You will give thanks for such a wonderful support in your life.
-Stephanie, Life Coach www.powerinjoy.com/

“I'm doing great. My hot flashes are all but non-existent. Yay!  I am holding my own with focusing better at work. “
-C. W.

Men’s health

I was looking for a classical homeopath in San Diego and based my search on qualifications, experience, published results, approach and international recognition.  As a 44 year old man I thought it would be easier to relate to a man, but found very few men meeting my criteria close to home.

Gabrielle Traub met all my search criteria.  I was struck by her professional manner and any doubts I may have had about relating to a woman evaporated immediately.  I felt very comfortable with Gabrielle.  She knows how to discuss intimate details in a caring manner that is neither intrusive nor too familiar.

After a very thorough consultation she prescribed a single remedy.  Within 2 hours of the first dose I obtained relief of some of my acute symptoms and felt a lot better. "After 3 days my acute symptoms are almost completely gone and I feel much better".

I plan to continue seeing Gabrielle even after all my acute symptoms are gone so that she can help me resolve my chronic problems and improve my general health and quality of life.

-Peter Fellingham


I first came to see Gabrielle Traub 2 years ago for psoriasis and my psoriasis was cured. I now use homeopathy for other mild little things. Thanks to you as you changed my life and I'm now in my 2nd year of studying homeopathy.

-K.P, London


Samantha is very passionate about being a homeopath and it comes through when she works with a client. She has helped me with my hot flashes, a UTI, and shingles among a few other ailments that have surfaced.

I appreciate Sam’s gentle and calm energy. Sam has become an irreplaceable support system in my overall wellness. I had no idea when I began working with her I would receive so much support emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Homeopathy is an incredible encompassing wellness system. I hope you give your mind and body a huge gift and choose working with Sam to heal whatever ails you. You will give thanks for such a wonderful support in your life.
-Stephanie, Life Coach www.powerinjoy.com

Thyroid disease

My doctor diagnosed me with Hypothyroid disease. I was very tired and gained 20 pounds in 2 months. My doctor prescribed medication that she said I would have to take the rest of my life. Before taking the medicine I wanted to give homeopathy a try and went back to Gabrielle Traub.  On my next doctor visit my doctor retested my blood and my thyroid test was back to normal. It’s been about 3-4 years now and I am still fine.
–Deanna Reed


Gabrielle, so many grateful thanks for all your help, support, love and expertise. You have supported me through one of the most difficult transitions in my life. With love and appreciation.


I was diagnosed 5 years ago with breast cancer.  At that time I did not know anything about homeopathy.  I was going to go through the conventional treatments of lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. I had been an athlete and had a healthy life.  I couldn't understand why my body had not defended itself and had created cancer.  And I wondered if it didn't defend itself the first time, why would the cancer not come back after all the conventional treatment.  A friend told me about homeopathy and 2 days later I went to see a homeopath. I was scheduled for a lumpectomy the following month, a six hour surgery that would take a big chunk of my breast out and would need reconstructive surgery right away.  I began my homeopathic treatment.   When I went to see the surgeon the day before surgery I asked her to check my lump to make sure there were no additional lumps.  When she checked, she said that it felt that the lump was less aggressive and she reduced the surgery to a minor lumpectomy. I began chemotherapy. During my chemo, I lost some hair, not all, did not lose all my eyebrows, did not lose any lashes and best of all did not get nauseous, had good appetite and kept on with all of my daily activities, with the slight modification of needing an afternoon nap. It has been 5 years since my diagnosis. I have made a lot of changes in my life most of all to enjoy my life. I have continued my homeopathic treatment and in fact am studying homeopathy to take this amazing mode of healing to everyone I can.


My daughter is 8 months old and chewing everywhere and drooling, it’s delightful. I have an arsenol of homeopathic medicines for teething. I want her to cry, it looks so painful, but she is so calm and happy. I have learnt how to look at my child in the eyes of homeopathy and what Gabrielle wants to see or hear or know about. In a way I feel like I’m a detective in training. Homeopathy has given me a new way of looking at my child and that has been exciting on top of being a mother. It is very empowering. I feel that at any time I can help my child. I have my little homeopathic remedies from Gabrielle Traub and I have my cheat sheet. I know I can help her on her worst days. Even though I don’t have to do it often, when she is sick and needs help, I feel confident that I can do something for her that is harmless and beneficial, and nine times out of ten she falls asleep afterwards and I am a very happy mom. 
-Annie Peterson, San Diego

Trigeminal Neuralgia

For several months I suffered severe attacks of sharp pain in my cheekbone.  It was worst at night, and made it difficult to sleep.  Since it started after a period of heavy diarrhea (which cleared up on Flagyl, the standard treatment for intestinal parasites), I regarded the pain as a toxic effect of the amebas and Giardia parasites.  Being a retired holistic physician, I knew that standard medicine had little to offer.  My dentist took X-rays which showed inflammation in the bone but my teeth were fine.  I got herbs from an excellent Chinese medicine practitioner, craniosacral therapy and advanced chiropractic adjustments, and colloidal silver nasal flushes––all the best for sinusitis, which is what I thought it was.  When none of this reduced the pain, even a little bit, I realized I did not have sinusitis, but had trigeminal neuralgia, a serious nerve pain which the medical textbooks say has unknown cause and no known treatment.  All medicine could do was prescribe pain pills.

Finally I went to see Gabrielle Traub.  She quickly matched my entire list of symptoms with the remedial action of a single homeopathic remedy.  Within a few days on this I had little pain and now I have none.  I had no help from standard medicine, or even from holistic alternative medicine.  Homeopathy did the trick.

Karl E. Humiston, MD (retired)

Ulcerative colitis and Depression

I would like to share my personal experience in my healing. I am a young woman with a history of Ulcerative Colitis. I did not want to take medication because of the side effects. I started homeopathy. The first changes I saw was the alleviation of my bowel problems and how I would react emotionally. It took about several months before I noticed a 100% significant improvement, and it also changed my way of looking at things including medication. About six months into the remedy, I was scheduled to get a colonoscopy and the doctor was amazed to see no serious or problems with my colon. The doctor told me to continue taking whatever I was doing. More recently, I was under extreme stress and pressure from family and wedding plans. I began to notice changes in my moods and noticed I was depressed; this lasted for several months. I immediately found Gabrielle Traub, an amazing homeopath that would be able to help me with the depression. After trying a few different remedies, I noticed significant improvement in my overall well being after two months. This was just in time for my wedding and I could not hope for a better time to feel better. I was so amazed to see how my confidence skyrocketed and desire to be better improved. It was as if I was never depressed and ready to take on the world. Today, I have continued getting my colonoscopy screened and my doctor continues to advise me to continue doing whatever I am that is helping my colon, because many have opted to remove parts of colon or all of it. I am living proof that homeopathy has helped me tremendously and will continue to take it along side exercising and on a healthy diet. I have shared my experience with many who are amazed at my recovery. One person, who has seen my healing with homeopathy, is my husband. He is also not a believer of medicines, and can agree with me in the amazing healing qualities of homeopathy. I look forward in the continuation of homeopathy, especially while pregnant and I know it is safe to give to children and animals. I would like to say that homeopathy has saved my life in the prevention of aggressive medication that I would have otherwise had to take for my condition.

Urinary tract infection

Gabrielle, I still can't get over how quickly the remedy you prescribed me for the last illness I had worked. I now swear by you and homeopathic health care.

Thank you so much!
-N.H, San Diego

Samantha is very passionate about being a homeopath and it comes through when she works with a client. She has helped me with my hot flashes, a UTI, and shingles among a few other ailments that have surfaced.

I appreciate Sam’s gentle and calm energy. Sam has become an irreplaceable support system in my overall wellness. I had no idea when I began working with her I would receive so much support emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Homeopathy is an incredible encompassing wellness system. I hope you give your mind and body a huge gift and choose working with Sam to heal whatever ails you. You will give thanks for such a wonderful support in your life.
-Stephanie, Life Coach www.powerinjoy.com

Weak immunity

Since I started using homeopathic treatment , I don’t get sick with colds or flu like I use to.
If I do get something it lasts maybe 1-2 days instead if a week or two.
-Deanna Reed

Weight gain, Slow metabolism, Pain

I'm feeling better than ever. No more pains or "stuck" metabolism.  Since I have seen Gabrielle Traub, I have naturally dropped 15 lbs and my energy is completely normal, I feel great.

Thanks for everything.

Weight Loss

“I am very happy and love the program, with my hypothyroidism I NEVER thought this would be possible! Over two rounds I’ve lost 44 lbs and am going to do one more round to reach my goal weight.”

-Sasha Travassos, San Diego
Lost 44 pounds

“I have released 60 pounds and gained 7 this summer during a move and turbulent time.
However, I believe that without having gone through the process of protocol and maintenance, I would have gained 15 pounds”
Thank you,
-Teresa Draguicevich, Texas
Lost 53 pounds

“I had tried everything, going to a nutritionist, doctor visits, shots, books, diets, diet pills, you name it and nothing worked, I have exercised regularly and with diet nothing was happening, I am 54 and usually a size 4-6, most people think I am in my 40’s, I was going thru menopause and became thick and full and could not Budge the weight, I tried this and stuck to it. I now weigh 120 lbs and back to my normal self, for me this was truly a miracle, and I felt and feel so much better, besides many people commenting how good I looked but more…important I felt much better! Healthier and I have my SASS back!!!!! I cannot tell you how it has helped my self esteem”

-Judy Brackin, San Diego
Lost 28 pounds

“I have tried different ways to lose weight. Although some have worked I have never lost as many inches.  Because your program is so structured, it forced me to take a break from the habit of eating, broke some of my sugar and carbs addiction and made me aware of my emotional eating. The weekly coaching made me question why I put things in my mouth.  I really liked the conscious eating.”

-Ruja Nothaft, San Diego
Lost 56 pounds and still losing. 

Whooping cough

Although I am a supporter of homeopathy my family remained somewhat skeptical to neutral, until a time parents dread. My son, Jet had always had somewhat of a problem with childhood asthma since he had RSV before he was three months old. Every time he would catch a cold it would inevitably turn into croup. This winter was no exception. The problem was that it kept getting worse and he developed a high fever. This went on for a few days. It got so bad that he would wake up every hour on the hour in a coughing fit, trying to take a breath, holding it and cough until he would cry. He would pitch a fit on top of it since he was so tired and kick the walls. I thought that he had pneumonia, but he was actually diagnosed with whooping cough. He was fully vaccinated, but he still got a classic case of it. I took him to see Gabrielle Traub and as soon as we left her office I gave him his first dose of a remedy. That night he woke up twice and went right back to sleep. I kept him home the next day to keep my eye on him, but he was fine. He went back to school the following day. It made a believer out of my husband after our sleepless nights changed so quickly to complete recovery and out of my mom who almost died from whooping cough herself when she had it as a child and it lasted for the full time of the other name it carries "the 100 days cough".    
-Jenny F.

Our Care

Gabrielle is such a caring and compassionate practitioner. She has always been there when I needed her, unlike medical doctors who take 5 minutes to figure out what’s wrong, Gabrielle takes the time to find out what is the best treatment. The reason Gabrielle is so successful is because she loves and believes in her work and she really cares for her patients and their results to get well. Since using Homeopathic treatment, I have got my life back and become successful and stable, happy and healthy in life. Gabrielle has the best “bedside manners" I have ever seen and she is truly a gift. Homeopathic is my choice over western medicine. Of course if someone is having a heart attack or Breaks their leg, We need to call 911 and go straight to the emergency room. However I believe that homeopathy can keep you in good health so that you may not every need to call 911 –Deanna Reed


I had been to see so many doctors and nobody could help me.  Gabrielle was the only one who has been able to help. I feel like she really listens and cares. I drive all the way from LA to see her. Gabrielle is the best!

Lisa S, Los Angeles


Gabrielle Traub is so genuine and compassionate. What a safe and healing environment she creates. I have tremendous respect for her knowledge and expert ability and feel privileged to have her as my homeopath.

D.C, San Diego


Dear Gabrielle,
I wanted to share the wonderful response I have had to my Homeopathic treatment.  Being a “traditional” health care provider, I’ve always been skeptical of alternative medicine.  So when my wife and 11 year old son went to Gabrielle; I was intrigued.  What was most interesting to me was the amount of time spent during the initial appointment.  You obtained a thorough and complete history.  I felt very comfortable discussing my life with you.
Homeopathy not only helped my wife and son, but me as well.  I really wasn’t feeling up to par.  Things were not going smoothly at home or the office.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I was not exercising, eating too much and not enjoying living in San Diego!
I was amazed that before long I felt and acted better at home and work.  I get along much better with my wife.  I have the energy to be a good husband and father.  And believe it or not, the office has been growing steadily since I started my homeopathic treatment!  I have also started exercising again and actually lost quite a few pounds!
So has it been all from homeopathy?  I am still skeptical by nature.   However, even though I don’t know why it works; I have had an extraordinary positive experience and response.  Therefore, I highly recommend your services!
R.H, DDS (Dentist), San Diego

Gabrielle Traub is truly amazing! Her care and concern for my well being is very comforting. She has helped me tremendously with problems big and small!
Thank you!


Just talking to Gabrielle during my first visit was wonderful. She has a way of making you feel safe and secure. After taking the homeopathic dose she gave me I seem to feel better than I ever have in my life. I have referred my friends to her and they feel great too.

L.G, San Diego


Gabrielle Traub is one of the most caring people I have ever met. Her heart is full of generosity. She has given so much of her time to listen to my concerns and I thank her for her sincere compassion. I realize that you are a treasure to have as my homeopath.
Gabrielle, you're awesome! Thanks you for being the best of the best.

L.D, San Diego


My son and I have been a patient here since my son was born in 2011. I have seen both Gabrielle and Samantha and can't speak highly enough about them. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all ailments and especially when my son was a baby and would get sick. Homeopathy is the best and I have been using Homeopathic remedies since I first saw Gabrielle. I recommend San Diego Homeopathy to anyone who has ailments and who wants better health for themselves and their family. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Tania S, San Diego
Gabrielle, bless you for a wonderful and informative session. I feel seen and heard and very cared for. I appreciate your generosity and your skill. May you know I count you in my gratitudes through these Holy days.
-D.C, San Diego


I have great admiration & respect for Gabrielle Traub. She inspires such confidence with her quick grasp of my condition and knowledge of how to treat me. Her remedies work every time without fail. I feel very fortunate to have found her through hearing her teach at Jimbos and recommend her to my friends at every opportunity.

A.Simon, San Diego


After struggling with my health for over 20 years and seeing different Holistic and Allopathic Dr's I found Gabrielle. I have been seeing Gabrielle for about 3 years.   It took a few months but we were able to figure out the correct remedy for me. After that in a short time my health improved. Now my path to a wonderful healthy life is beginning. I am healthier now then when I was in my 20's.   Gabrielle took the time to explain and to make the necessary changes in my remedy protocol. Gabrielle is Patient, kind, lives a healthy life and practices in her own life what she teaches to clients.  

I am very excited to have my health back and have San Diego Homeopathy assist in my Path to achieve a great life!! :)

Pamela H.
Burley, WA


I know Gabrielle Traub as a sincere and enthusiastic homeopath and with the right background and attitude.
Rajan Sankaran, world renowned Homeopath

Gabrielle- I have never met a more beautiful spirit. The light within you shines so bright, you may temporarily blind your patients. You bask them in rays of health and nurturing. We are thankful to have you as an intricate part of this healing team. I feel you can teach me so much. The true meaning of doctor is teacher and you could have been nothing else, as this seems to be your calling.
Dr. Stanwood, D.C


Dear Gabrielle,

I wanted to take time to tell you how informative and helpful you were in accessing my health conditions.  You are such a compassionate practitioner whose extensive knowledge and willingness to listen endlessly, while I rattled on about all my concerns, helped me so much.  You are interested, warm and thorough in your detailed questionnaire and initial consultation, someone rarely found taking "the time" with their patient to identify and work methodically through my extensive issues, prioritizing them according to my most severe symptoms and ailments.

Thank you again so very much for your helping me heal, I truly enjoyed working with you and highly recommend you to family, friends and anyone interested in homeopathic medicine.

Please feel free to use my testimony as reference.

Be blessed, Debra Summers


Gabrielle has taught me a lot and got me reading a lot more. When my baby was 4½ months old, we were traveling to San Francisco and Gabrielle encouraged me to buy a little homeopathic first aid kit and it comes with a little first aid book. I read that thing cover to cover backwards and forwards more than two dozen times. Now everyone in my apartment comes to me and says “What do I take for this?”, a long story short, it wet my hunger for more.

-Annie Peterson, San Diego


"So well educated, takes time to go over every single session like it’s the 1st time seeing you. Professional"

Chondra Brown, San Diego




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