M.Tech (HOM) H.D (Hon) CCH / Homeopathic practitioner


Primary education:

1994-2000 Master’s degree in Homeopathy M.Tech (Hom); University of Johannesburg, South Africa

1998-1999 Post graduate courses in Classical and Clinical Homeopathy M.F. Hom and C.E.H.D with Dr. Lilley and Dr. Boyer (Current head of Boiron USA),South African Faculty of Homeopathy

1999: Course in injections, suturing and minor surgery, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

1997: Academy of Emergency and Critical Care Medical Rescue International Level 2, South Africa

2000: Internship with Dr. Lewis, Dr. Bolling, Dr. Jeggels, Dr. Frazer and Dr. Digby; South Africa

Other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Education (Non-homeopathic):

2008: Foundations of Chinese Medicine; Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

1997: Auxiliary therapeutics: Nutrition, Iridology and Acupuncture; University of Johannesburg, South Africa

1998: Thai Massage; Thailand

1997: Therapeutic and Sports Massage; University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


1998-2000 Johannesburg, South Africa: “The Influence of Homeopathic Remedies on Thought Interference, Nervousness and Anxiety in University Students under Examination Conditions”.     

2008 Reader for PhD dissertation: “Clinical psychologists’ knowledge of and wiliness to refer to a homeopathic practitioner for common psychological ailments.”

A copy of the research is available on request.


Hospital and In-Patient Treatment Facilities

December 2005-January 2007: Casa Palmera In-patient Skilled Nursing Care Facility for Eating Disorders, Pain Management, Addictions and Trauma. Part of core treatment team. Role included seeing patients, making homeopathic assessment, writing homeopathic, herbal and supplement recommendations.
1999-2000 Training at Hillbrow hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa
2000: Observation and rounds at Groote Schuur Hospital, ICU department, South Africa

Integrative Medical Clinics

2005-present: Carmel Valley Woman’s Health. An OB-GYN medical clinic
2009-present: Zen Qi Holistic Health
2002-2009: Medical Wellness Kliniek
2005-2007: Casa Palmera: In-patient treatment facility for eating disorders, PTSD, addictions and chronic pain. Registered as a skilled nursing facility, San Diego
2001-2002: Sloane Health Clinic, London
2000-2002: Kensington Osteopaths, London
2000-2001: The Hale Clinic, London (opened by the Prince of Wales)


Academic positions

2003-present: Homeopathic Academy of Southern California: Lectures Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology
and Homeopathy
2006-present: American Medical College of Homeopath: Faculty member and Africa Liaison for Department of International Affairs. 
2008-present: Los Angeles School of Homeopathy: Lectures Homeopathy
2007-present: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: Lectures Homeopathy
2006-2007: Pioneer University (London): Assistant Professor and Head of International Homeopathic Medical Exam
2001: Regent’s College (London): Lectures Homeopathy

Guest speaker (Complete list is available on request)

Psychiatry and Gynecology: Conference tour in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide, Australia

Trauma and PTSD: California Homeopathic Medical Society, San Francisco

Homeopathy and Wellness: Moores UCSD Cancer Center

Severe Eating Disorders: The Joint annual National Center of Homeopathy Conference, Denver, Colorado

Homeopathic Association of South Africa AGM, Cape Town, South Africa

An integrative approach to treating thought interference, depression and anxiety; Center for Integrative Psychology; School for Professional Psychology

Helping patients with Cancer and their families: The Professional Oncologist Society

Homeopathic medicine (attended by the Minister of Health), Pakistani Health AGM, Pakistan

World Homeopathy: Pioneer University, Dubai

Complementary and Alternative Medicine; The School of Pharmacy, UCSD

Sports Medicine: The Council of Professional Sport's Psychologists

Homeopathy and Psychology; Alliant International University

How Homeopathy fits into the Medical Model, Homeopathic Academy Of Southern California

 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; The National Center of Homeopathy, San Diego Chapter

Vaccination panel of doctors: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Homeopathy for First Aid Conditions; College of Naturopathic Medicine; Regent’s College, London




Channel 6-Regular appearances on SD Living Morning News
Fox 6 - Morning News
 KUSI - Morning news
 Canadian Documentary produced by Alain Carriere


Producer and host for Vital Force Radio www.VitalForceRadio.com
Homeopathy for Menopause: Smooth Jazz Radio, 98.1; The Morning Connection
Homeopathy for Menopause: Cable Radio Network (CRNI).
Breast Health: Vital Force Radio
Homeopathy for Women's Health: KCBQ 1170 AM
Homeopathy for Optimal Performance in Sports: Albertlea Radio, Minnesota.
Introducing Homeopathy: KKNW 1150 AM; Seattle, Washington
Homeopathy for Autism and Children with Special Needs: Autism One Radio
Homeopathic treatment for Children with Special Needs: Inner Health Radio and Voice America
Homeopathy for Children: KCBQ1170 AM
Managing Stress and Anxiety Naturally: Vital Force Radio
What is Homeopathy: Health and Harmony Radio, Los Angeles


Honorary Doctorate in Homeopathy

Selfless Humanitarian Work awarded to The World Homeopathy Awareness Organization, under the leadership of Gabrielle Traub. For setting up relief camps for earthquake victims in Pakistan.



Nationally certified in classical Homeopathy by the Center for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)

The Allied Health Service Professions Council of South Africa (#A07638-HM)


Founder and former chair of the World Homeopathic Awareness Organization (WHAO)

Founder of World Homeopathic Awareness Week.

American Medical College of Homeopathy: African Liaison for Department of International Affairs

Board member of The License Commission of the Americas (TLCTA)

Assisted in establishing the WHAO as a 501C3 not for profit organization.

Co-Founder and volunteer at a homeopathic clinic for homeless women in San Diego

Head of the International Homeopathic Medical Students Competition

Graduate from the Self Expression and Leadership Program run by Landmark Education

Graduate from a year long leadership program in Israel

Camp Councilor and medic for 6 years in South Africa



2008-current: Host for Vital Force Radio show, educating the public about alternative medicine.

2004-2006: Facilitated setting up temporary homeopathic clinics for the poor in times of crisis around the world as part of World Homeopathy Awareness Organization activities.

2003-2008: Clinician at low cost student clinic for low income patients.

2006: Set up homeopathic First Aid at the La Jolla marathon.

2005: Co-founder and volunteer for a homeopathic clinic for the homeless.

2004 Breastiville, Educating UCSD students about Breast Cancer

1997-1999 Witwatersrand Technikon Homeopathic Community Clinic, South Africa

1999 Volunteer at Hillbrow hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa
1989-1994 Camp Counselor and Medic in Youth Movement



World Homeopathic Awareness Organization (WHAO)

National Center of Homeopathy

Holistic Doctors of San Diego

American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)

The Homeopathic Association of South Africa (HASA)


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